Chapter Leader – Jami Hanna

Jami Hanna

Jami Hanna is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with over 30 years of experience and holds a BS Degree in Health, Physical Education and Leadership. She has a specialist certification in Sport Nutrition and is certified by the Functional Aging Institute. Jami loves spending time with her family (especially her grandkids), messing up the kitchen with family and friends, listening to awesome 70’s music, dancing with abandon, hiking and mountain biking, and last but definitely not least, laughing and having FUN!


And here’s the ugly truth:
I love the Mantra: “When I give the best of me, that becomes my legacy.” And I am on a mission: bring powerful and transformational positive change to those I serve.


The naked truth? I spent most my life hiding severe pain behind a big smile. Traumatic events caused my life to unravel. And I know I am not alone. That is why it is my passion to help people learn to enhance their stress resilience when dealing with abuse, addiction, PTSD, suicide, divorce and low self-worth. And I do it through fitness.


I have found that when people move their bodies, healing begins. But many are stuck and don’t feel motivated to get started. That is where I get to work my magic and inspire people to get moving! It is so much fun to watch the transformation … a stressed-out client walks into the studio and within minutes of moving, the smile appears naturally. And that is just the beginning. This is the point where they step into their power. And the benefits are priceless: more energy, vitality, self-love and the ability to deal with this thing called ‘life’.


Movement begins the process of healing from within. And it is incredibly rewarding when they say, “Thank you. You changed my life.”

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