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GoFundMe Campaigns You Can Support RIGHT NOW To Help Families Overcome The Carr Fire

Photo of the Carr Fire by Michele James

Note: This list is ongoing and will continue to be updated


As The Carr Fire burns on, we are starting to see the aftermath of it’s destruction. Thousands of homes have been completely destroyed, leaving families displaced.

But the Redding community is strong, and we’ve banded together to help and support eachother. That’s why I have compiled this list of GoFundMe campaigns that you can contribute to that will help a family overcome the Carr Fire.


Sandy Scott


Sandy lost her house and nearly all of her possessions in the Carr Fire. With little time to evacuate she left without any of her possessions or valuables. She lived, created, gardened and worked inside & around her beautiful sanctuary of a home for over 30 years. Her heart goes out to all in her community who have also lost their homes and possessions—- and the list is very very long.
Please help my mom with a donation if you can, to help her stay afloat in this time of loss and uncertainty. Funds will be used for food, clothing, shelter, and the all the little extra expenses that come with losing everything, beyond that funds will be used to rebuild/donated on to other local charities helping the community affected by the Carr Fire.

Visit The GoFundMe Page


Katie Noll & Kids


Katie Noll and her children lost their rental home in the Carr Fire. She is a loving and dedicated mom to her two children, Fendley (7yrs) and Ziva (1yr). If you know Katie, you know she is one of the most sincere and giving people there is. Katie works very hard for her family by cleaning offices, and I want her to know she is supported as she rebuilds her life after losing everything. Please consider blessing this beautiful family.

Visit The GoFundMe Page

Donations Organized By Sarah Goode


This account has been created in order to purchase items for the kids who have been displaced. Fun things that often get overlooked when tragedy strikes. Toys, blankets, coloring books, backpacks, just anything that kids love!
Thank you all for your help in making this time easier for these babies who have no other options at this time!

Visit The GoFundMe Page


The Brown Family


One of the smartest, strongest and most amazing women I know suffered (along with her husband and four children) the loss of two homes during the Carr Fire. Anything will help to get them back on their feet. ❤️

One house was the residence of her own family and the other was a house in an area deemed uninsurable where their elderly retired mother in law lived.

During this time of uncertainty for them anything will help them begin to repair the devastation they have endured.

Any funds received will go straight to the family for their immediate needs and rebuilding their home.

Visit The GoFundMe Page


Nick Fiscus & Family


Nick Fiscus and his fiance Bree Harless lost their home and everything they own in the Carr fire on Thursday night. By the time the fire jumped the river and came rolling their way they only had a few minutes to grab their toddler and escape. They narrowly made it out with only the clothes on their back. They were supposed to be getting married next Sunday. They have a 7 year old boy and a 1 year old boy. The kids lost all of their clothes and toys amd they lost all of their belongings. Currently they are staying in a camp trailer in Mountain Gate (the closest vacancy they could find). This is going to be a long process to rebuild their lives and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Visit Fundraiser Page


The French Family


This family is my daughter Jessica French and her family Richard, Chase and River French. They lived in River Ridge subdivision and were evacuated, then told they could go back. When returning to their house, they witnessed the neighborhood engulfed in flames and were forced to leave. Their house was among the majority of the houses in the subdivision that were completely destroyed.

Richard is currently a fire fighter helping folks just like themselves. Anyone who knows my daughter Jess knows what an amazing, giving human being she is. She has given her all to her job, her personal life and to her community over and above any person I know. She spends her time uplifting our community and spreading cultural awareness through inviting students from around the world to our beautiful city as well as other states around the USA.

Visit The GoFundMe Page


Becca & Family


On July 26th, the Carr Fire raged through the Community of Keswick and destroyed nearly all in it’s path. My sweet sister Becca and her family were among those who lost their homes and all their belongings.

The fire came quickly and without much time to grab anything but the clothes on your back. Becca has a job at Costco but no car or place to call hers. All of their worldly possessions are gone. We are thankful for their lives and optimistic that the kindness and effort they have extended to others will come back to them tenfold in this time of need.

Please join us in turning this grief to grace and blessing this family to get back on their feet.

Visit The GoFundMe Page


Zook and Kacie Emergency Fund


Zook Richardson and his finance, Kacie, recently lost their home and all of their possessions in the Carr Fire currently happening in Shasta County, CA. They were planning on getting married in 1 year and have lost everything, they need help getting back on their feet!

Visit The GoFundMe Page


Do you have a GoFundMe Page you would like to share to this list? send an email to katherineelsken@gmail.com

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