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How I Keep My Mental Sh**t Together As An Entrepreneur

So….I’m going to start off by saying this.

I am BY NO MEANS a super spiritual person. I can’t do yoga, my chakras are DEFINITELY not aligned ( I can’t prove that to you but I just know ), and I am a living…breathing…chubby little ball of stress.

With that said, I REALLY have to work at keeping my sanity intact, especially since I had the total bat sh**t crazy idea of starting my own business after getting laid off from my full time job.

So much pressure….Enough to kill an elephant.

So how do I keep myself from dying inside?


I meditate. I meditate A LOT


The most important thing for me to grow as a business owner is to keep my mind open and accepting. Accepting of both the good things and the bad. Meditation helps with that.

Because let’s face it, this is how the majority of my business dealings go:

Client: “Yes, I would like you to recreate Facebook for me please. “

Me: “Sure. I’ll have to get a team together, so that will be like $10,000 minimum. “

Client: “I have $30 and a stick of gum. Do we have a deal?”

Now…I’m not here to knock down people who can’t afford a web designer. I get it. It’s hard out there.

But, like with any business, the sales part of it takes up energy. I have to muster up energy before a sales call or in person meeting. I have to put my big girl pants on when I give out my prices. I have to pretend like I am the female version of Mark Cuban and be the badass business bitch until it’s all over.

So in order to prevent myself from ugly crying over a package of Oreos and a bottle of Moscato in the event things don’t go my way, I take a breath. I take a breath before I pickup the phone. Before I hit send on my proposals. Before answering that email.

I take a breath and accept whatever outcome happens.

The people who come into my life and decide they want to work with me are there because that is the way the universe wanted it. There’s no use fussing over the people who don’t. Sometimes the time isn’t right, or that person isn’t the right fit. And that’s okay.

If a business deal doesn’t work out, I let my feelings wash over me like water.

Sure, I might have one glass of wine ( Or three. Who are we kidding here? ) and feel like a stick in the mud. I let myself feel whatever it is I’m feeling, and with as much intensity as needed. I then take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds , and then push the negativity out. I do my best to let my mind go completely blank.

When I clear my mind, It opens up space for new opportunities. New ideas. Good feelings. Sometimes I just want to be present in the moment and be still. Sometimes my mind is racing in circles trying to solve problems and I just need it to shut the F** up for a second.

To sum it up, if I didn’t practice meditation, I would be quite the hot mess.

Positive Affirmations For The Win


Along with meditation, positive affirmations have been a real game changer for me. Practicing this made me realize just how much of an asshole my inner mind was.

Even though I’m REALLY good at what I do, sometimes my own subconscious mind doesn’t want me to see that. I remember looking at countless job applications, and even though I didn’t have some of the skillsets required, my inner mind would chime in “Are you kidding me? You are WAY to under qualified for that position. You suck!!”.

Over the years, it was that kind of thinking that prevented me from putting myself out there. It’s REALLY hard being an entrepreneur if you don’t believe in yourself subconsciously.

After seeking some business consulting, I was told that I should read the book Tapping Into Wealth. And I was actually surprised with how helpful it was. The book talks about how the negative thoughts and feelings in our mind actually prevent us from achieving the wealth that we desire. These thoughts are usually put there from past traumas related to money and it causes us to subconsciously resist success. Have you ever undercharged yourself because you’re afraid people will balk at your prices? That’s the kind of stuff this book helps to fix.

Reading that book gave me the ability to reprogram my unconscious feelings about money and success. It taught me to come up with positive affirmations to help boost my confidence myself so I’m not questioning myself 24/7.

This is the technique that I was taught to do in a nutshell:

  • On a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and label the sides “positive affirmations” and “negative thoughts”
  • On the positive affirmations side, write down a few sentences that really resonate with you. Some examples that I’ve used are “Clients love paying me for my work” and “People need and value me for my knowledge and expertise”
  • When you’re ready, clear your mind, relax, and say one of your positive affirmations out loud over and over again while “tapping” on some pressure points. Here’s an example.
  • As you start tapping, that negative nelly of a mind is going to start saying negative things. You might only get a few things, or you’ll get a lot. Write them down on the negative thoughts side.
  • Repeat this process for all your positive affirmations.

As you practice tapping with positive affirmations, your subconscious will slowly start to believe the positive things you are telling it. And when your mind is setup for positivity, the universe will return good things to you in kind.


This is not fool proof and I am still learning


I’m sure there are plenty of you reading this who can probably keep their mental sh**t together much better than me. Some of you are probably thinking “Girl, I have a butt load of kids! You have no idea what the meaning of stress is!” I hear you, and I am not ready for that song and dance!

But I will say that I have made a huge change in my life just by making what little changes I am capable of.

Breath. Be thankful. Don’t fight the universe. Don’t break you neck doing yoga.


What do you do keep yourself sane? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “How I Keep My Mental Sh**t Together As An Entrepreneur”

  1. Great article! Sometimes I can’t believe how much can change in our lives by doing positive affirmations and meditation! It seems so ridiculous, but things like this really do shape our destiny! Our limiting beliefs keep us trapped in the same cycles, if we want something better we have to change our minds and beliefs! Thanks for the great read!

  2. Omg!!!!! I fucking love this!!!! Thank you for your openness, honesty and being a bad ass!!! Meditation is huge for me as well and positive affirmations are a game changer for sure!!! You are so awesome, strong and I love your pep talks for yourself!!!! Great advice girl!!!

  3. I can not even begin to imagine the pressure of running your own business. I myself am a ball of stress meditation keeps me sane . Someday I do slip down that negative spiral we all have our off days but some positive affirmations and yoga lots of yoga get me back on track , When that fails a glass of wine helps .

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