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Stronger Together T-Shirt

$20.00 + Tax


Stronger Together – a campaign to keep our small business community strong.

Shipping Information

At this time, T-Shirts will only be available through local pickup in Redding.  The pickup address will be provided to you upon purchase.

We're Stronger Together As a Community. Support Local Redding Businesses during these uncertain times

In honor of the small businesses that have supported us along the way of our journey; we created a T-shirt fundraiser to help relieve some of their basic needs during the shelter in place mandate.  As you know, family owned businesses is what makes Redding culture unique. We truly have a community that supports local businesses and if we keep this going, we are STRONGER TOGETHER! 

Your Purchase Directly Helps Local Businesses

Please help us spread the word; proceeds of the T-shirt sales will be distributed to each business mentioned.  This is not in competition with the other small business fundraiser campaigns being run out there, but rather an addition to it.  Help us keep our small business community strong and thriving!

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